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Screw quality is also a key factor affecting the lifespan of a screwdriver

Screw quality is also a key factor affecting the lifespan of a screwdriver

Send:2017/11/29 6:14:29

  We automatically lock screw machine in the selection, the quality of screw machine is often strict, but often ignored the screw quality, there are many domestic screw manufacturers, perhaps it is the production of screw manufacturers too much, resulting in the uneven quality of the screw and the screw machine, as one of the automation system of the screw lock. Is the largest core independently from the screw locking screws, locking the entire process to screening without artificial participation, which requires the specification of the error can not be screw is too large, such as head, flat head, fronts.15 bad, these bad for screw machine operation is fatal, so in the use of screw machine we should have a correct understanding, screw machine, and from a more comprehensive perspective to understand the screw machine, prolong the service life of the screw machine.

  In the use of machine screws, screw machine wear, often encounter bad, flower, these are the quality of screw is not eligible, for a variety of specifications of the screw in the screw machine hopper, screw for the opportunity to screw screening, do not meet the requirements of the screws removed, but for the same kind of specifications and quality is not rigorous screw, screw machine will not be able to identify and eliminate the 100% part, such as screw group front, the normal through screening, but the screw into the rails arranged on the rail, due to the size of design engineers required to do the limit (general engineer will test the screw sample set optimal parameter values), if number of fronts are card, card material may cause the phenomenon.