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Why is the screw machine old card?

Why is the screw machine old card?

Send:2017/11/29 6:14:01

  Why is the screw driver easily stuck? I believe that the operators who used the screw machine are deeply touched when they operate the screw machine. When we solve the problem of screw machine sticking, we only have a deep understanding of why the screw machine is stuck, so that we can better provide a better solution for the failure of screw lock.

  So why do the screws always appear to be stuck? The quality of the screw machine is not good. The answer is negative. The screw machine is not only the quality of the screw machine, but also the quality of the screws. The general design scheme before screw machine, to provide certain products to the manufacturer of screw and screw machine to customers, then manufacturers custom designed screw machine more cost-effective solutions according to customer needs and screw specifications, in the process of customer needs to provide a certain amount to the manufacturer of screw debugging. It is said that manufacturers are based on these screws specifications for custom design, the parameters will be more inclined to the screw specifications, if customers in the production of screw lock, other screws or screw specifications, failure will cause a variety of.

  So when the lock is paid, the customer needs to pay special attention to the quality of the screw, and try to buy the screws of the manufacturer with a certain scale.

  The screw driver usually appears in the following places:

  1. feeding machine

  When the feeding machine is screening, arranging and transporting the screws, the screws will be screened strictly, and the screws may not be cleaned in time.

  2. electric batch

  After the feeder screening operations will be delivered to the electric screw screw group, the operator only needs to be a power head at the screw holes can be, if in the process of locking torque do not meet the requirements, may cause the screw retention in the electric nozzle near the sensor at the locking action after will still be under a screw conveyor into electric group, which resulted in a number of screws packed in electric nozzle, the formation of the phenomenon of clamping material. Here is an example of a handheld automatic lock screw machine.