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Advantages of a multiaxial screw machine

Advantages of a multiaxial screw machine

Send:2017/11/29 6:13:29

  The advantages of a multiaxial screw machine are as follows:

  1, at the same time, lock a number of screws, greatly improve the efficiency of the operation;

  2, fully automated operation, manual only need to be responsible for up and down material, simple operation, one person is responsible for multiple screw equipment;

  3, the electric batch passes the torque through the universal transmission shaft, the screw hole position is easy to adjust, the replacement screw type is convenient.

  4, the versatility is strong, the needle for different products, only need to replace the electric batch and call out the stored procedures can be made;

  5, when the screw lock is abnormal, the opportunity of the screw is sent out to alert the operator.

  The screw machine is becoming more and more intelligent in the process of continuous development, which provides more unexpected solutions for the development of the manufacturing industry.