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What does the automatic screw driver require for the screw?

What does the automatic screw driver require for the screw?

Send:2017/11/29 6:13:01

  What does the automatic screw driver require for the screw? We know that the application of automatic screw locking machine has been widely used, not only high efficiency, but also low cost, so what are the requirements for screws in the use of automatic screw locking machine, including screw specifications, length and so on. Then I'll give you an analysis.

  1: the requirements of the screw for the automatic lock screw machine are as follows:

  1, the length and specification of the screw.

  The length of the screw must be more than 1.2mm of the screw cap, and the hole depth of the screw is not more than 40mm. In the work, be sure to check the screw hole around the 10mm there are no obstacles, because the obstacle must affect the operation in the production. In addition, the surface of the screw hole must be if the plane is less than 30 degrees in the plane.

  2. Whether or not with a gasket.

  If the screw is taken with a gasket and the gasket is larger than the screw cap, the diameter of the gasket is required so that the feeding tube will not be turned over again. If the above, the screw does not reach the screw length greater than the screw cap by 1.2MM then, feeding mode will take the adsorption or other way etc..

  3, screw thread.

  The screw thread is different. There are triangular teeth self attack locking screws, which are in conformity with the pitch angles of metric threads, but the section is triangular, with D, C value and 2 control locking parameters. The locking function can be achieved.

  Automatic lock screw machine

  Two: the function of the automatic lock screw machine:

  1, screw automatic setting, feeding, automatic screening of heteromorphic screws, automatic supply of air material;

  2, no hand screw, screw automatic feeding, the liberation of the left hand, it is advisable to put the product and so on.

  3, the efficiency is as high as 60 grains per minute, how fast it can be locked quickly;

  4, the versatility is strong, handheld screwdriver, flexible operation, suitable for unfixed operation;

  5, the electric batch sleeve is light, the torque adjustment is accurate and convenient, and the locking quality is guaranteed.

  6, the shape is small, the transmission distance can reach 4 meters, the machine can be placed under the platform to save space.

  7. single hand locking operation, easy under pressure batch can complete the lock screw operation.

  8. screws can be supplied quickly and reliably in any direction.

  9. Safety and noise free;

  10, LCD display, counting, alarm function

  The automatic lock screw machine has shared the requirements for screws. The above are some simple requests. Because the automatic screw locking machine belongs to the non-standard equipment, our company can design according to the customer's specific product. Customers only need to provide screws for products and use. We will design for you according to your specific conditions, and will be released after testing and acceptance. It will ensure quality and efficiency.