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Analysis of the working principle of automatic lock screw machine!

Analysis of the working principle of automatic lock screw machine!

Send:2017/11/29 6:12:28

  What is the working principle of the automatic lock screw machine? With the rapid development of industry, automatic locking screw machine gradually replaced the manual screw, automatic locking screw machine greatly improves the production efficiency, save labor costs, although a lot of people to automatically lock screw machine are more familiar with, but the work principle of automatic locking screw machine is not how to understand, today we gave analysis:

  Automatic lock screw machine

  The working principle of the automatic lock screw machine is mainly to complete the operation by feeding, locking and placing, and the concrete flow is as follows:


  Roller, hook, screw, turbine, vibrating disk and so on are used to load the screws. The screws are arranged in order to the vibration guide rail, and are transported to the screw distribution system, and the allocated screws are transported to the lock mouths through the action of the pipe pressure.

  Lock payment:

  Electric group in the table space around and up and down move, spindle has upper and lower limit for the number of moves to the mouth, then the screw hole above the limiter is fixed, ensure batch mouth does not contact products scratch products, to drive the electric machine screw holes after the batch number under downward pressure, electric press start function, screw contact screw hole automatic start electric group, and complete the lock, lock the end electric machine will automatically stop running, electric lift, automatic screw to the nozzle, automatic locking screw machine will move to the next batch of electric screw holes to lock screw.

  The operation of the workers:

  The workers put the product on the fixture, wait for the machine and equipment to lock the product, replace the product, and then put it as the lock product, and continue the same operation. The automatic lock screw machine is easy to operate, convenient, save time and save labor, save labor for lock screw work position, improve efficiency and stable performance of 100%. Machine replace manual, automatic lock screw machine is your choice!