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What is the screw driven by the automatic lock screw machine?

What is the screw driven by the automatic lock screw machine?

Send:2017/11/29 6:11:53

  What is the screw driven by the automatic lock screw machine? Recently learned that many people have similar questions, now we all know that the automatic locking screw machine has very wide application: suitable for automatic assembly production line, including industrial, automotive parts and components assembly, compressor, home appliances, hardware, communications equipment, automotive electronics and other major industries, especially suitable for the mass production of the occasion, with respect to a hand screw, a hand electric lock screw, automatic locking screw machine just a hand screw bit lock at the screw holes on it, so in the end what suction automatic locking screw machine screw today will give you analysis:

  Adsorption automatic lock screw machine

  1. Air blowing:

  Is the screw through the compressed air blowing nozzle to below, electric group downward automatically locked into the inflatable products, generally suitable for M5 screw, screw length is less than 25, while the total length of L is greater than the diameter of the screw head D with 1.3, otherwise the rollover phenomenon in the feeding tube, and will not be sent. Divided reclaiming efficiency can reach 1S/Pcs.

  2. Adsorption type:

  The adsorption force generated by the electric screw is the first batch of compressed air, take a single screw, and then run into the hole on the positioning of products, electrical products in batch downlink automatic lock, divided reclaimer walking distance with efficiency, speed, 1.5-4S/Pcs adsorption is generally suitable for relatively small length, light weight, not blowing type screw at the same time the head of the screw on the surface and the number of electric vacuum suction head cavity form a certain degree of air tightness.

  What are the characteristics of an automatic automatic locking screw machine?

  1) the vacuum adsorption automatic locking screw system consists of a vacuum locking screwdriver system, a torsion support arm frame or a screwdriver bracket.

  2) the negative pressure produced by the vacuum generator directly acts on the screw at the head of the screwdriver.

  3) make use of the mature electric screwdriver, add the vacuum adsorption screwdriver system, save the cost greatly, and upgrade from the ordinary screwdriver to the multi-functional high-grade screwdriver.

  4) with torque arm frame, the screwdriver can always support bracket screwdriver, screws operation to correct basic movements, the electric group has always been to the vertical angle of 90 degrees and locking screws to avoid operator errors caused by screw locking problems of bad products, improve the quality of the large range of screw locking.

  5) easy to solve the small screws and special parts of the lock screw problem.

  6) the production period is short, and the vacuum adsorption screwdriver system is only 5 days.

  7) it is suitable for all kinds of screws, and has no requirements for the shape and length.

  More on automatic locking screw machine screw suction by what is here to share, the automatic locking screw machine is indispensable automation equipment to improve production efficiency, make people's hands have been greatly liberated, also help people save a lot of time, higher efficiency and more stable.