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The development history of automatic locking screw machine

The development history of automatic locking screw machine

Send:2017/11/29 6:10:39

  At present, automatic locking screw machine has developed for 20 years, various types of equipment, lock screw machine from the beginning of the semi automatic hand-held to online automatic locking screw machine, automatic locking screw machine now applied to various enterprises, according to the different industries have different non-standard equipment.

  For example, a desktop automatic lock screwdriver is suitable for smaller size products. It is suitable for electronic assembly industry. How much capacity is required by the customer to set up the equipment. At the same time, it is subdivided into single axis and double axis; single head and multi head.

  The turntable multi station screw machine realizes the circular flow step by step operation of the fixture through the multi station indexing turntable. It synchronizes the product, machine assembly, detection, screw feeding, screw tightening, automatic unloading and so on, and the machine efficiency is greatly improved.

  The automatic lock screw machine of the floor robot is numerically controlled. The machine automatically moves and locks the screws according to the coordinate points. It has good versatility. The fixture is fast and simple, and is suitable for the production of a small number of products.