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Two easy to ignore problems of automatic locking screw machine

Two easy to ignore problems of automatic locking screw machine

Send:2017/11/29 6:09:40

  1, automatic lock screw machine is not a big drawback from design and principle itself, but many times we will overlook one problem: screw quality. Domestic manufacturers of screw screw inferior relative to foreign countries is more, such as head, flat head, front is the number of automatic locking screw machine killer, it is fatal to automatically lock screw machine, so when choosing a screw is worth our careful consideration of the problem.

  2, we must first clear the main reason sliding lock screw, machine, strip is (lock tight), heads, these are not good quality caused by screws. Is the factory to solve the screw or the poor quality of design changes caused by the size, is unable to solve most of the screw machine manufacturers, is deathsyndrome!!! The other is the problem of the machine itself, such as the problems caused by the materials, technology and the brand used by the electronic parts, but these are not very big problems, because the powerful manufacturers can solve this problem. It is because of the defective machine screw, and the wear, flower, there are two reasons. The first is the design of the structure itself, second screw machine manufacturers to solve the special-shaped screw all the screws channel increased, including electric nose mouth, the biggest reason electric nose and mouth is caused by too large diameter floating teeth, flower head!

  How should we extend the lifespan of the automatic lock screwdriver when we buy it? Here is a simple way to teach you some cleaning and maintenance methods

  Any machine or equipment needs regular cleaning and maintenance. If the time is long, the machine will easily be damaged, and it will also shorten the service life. Therefore, when using the automatic screw machine, it also needs daily cleaning and maintenance. The specific operation method is as follows: if it is not used for a long time, please turn off the power supply. Periodic ventilation is carried out to check the performance. The outer surface of the chassis of a periodic clean automatic lock screw machine. If you do not use a long time, as far as possible with the use of oil cloth, less water. Periodic clean screw track to ensure that the screw is smooth in the track. The periodic clean screw silo is generally used to blow out the residue in the silo with high pressure gas. Periodic cleaning feeding system to ensure that the feeding system is smooth. Some grease in the part of the sports department is recommended. Keep the automatic lock screwdriver to be ventilated and dry. Often check, any use of the problem or need maintenance, please contact the manufacturer in time, do not disassemble and disassemble.