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Automatic tube forming machine

Automatic tube forming machine

发布日期:2017/11/29 5:46:52

  Voltage: 220V AC60HZ/50HZ

  Size: L360 * W380 * H430 (unit: MM)

  Weight: 32.5KG

  Efficiency: 20 seconds / tube

  Equipment Description:

  L. is suitable for transistor power crystal, triode, etc.

  Similar electronic components forming and cutting feet.

  2. small size, simple operation, easy maintenance.

  3. easy to operate and easy to maintain.

  4. tools and moulds are all imported from Japan for long life.

  5, adding the movable feed plate 2 can form the bulk J parts (need to be made)

  6. can ask the customer to request the customized mold, the different specifications of the molding requirements, the replacement of the mold can be easy to replace the mold.

  7. equipment body plate is high quality steel, strong and thick.