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Crystal forming machine

Crystal forming machine

发布日期:2017/11/29 5:48:21

  Size: L850 * W580*H910MM

  Weight: 145KG

  Efficiency: 3600PCS/H

  Equipment Description:

  It can be equipped with a variety of moulds, switch control, without manual dismantling, O photoelectric induction, location of the divider, and high stability.

  Combination of photoelectric and electrical, stable molding, high efficiency, O fully automatic vibration feed, one hundred percent arrangement, divide the polarity,

  Two groups of photoelectric control, make the vibration disk feed high, and complete matching with the molding, so that the machine is fully automated.

  Without bending, foot or inferior, the bad rate can be less than 1/10000

  Cutting tools and moulds are used in Japan, with long life and 2-15MM adjustable feet.

  Motor and electrical appliances are all imported brands in Taiwan.

  The mold can be made according to the requirements of the customer.

  The equipment of the equipment is made of high quality steel. It is strong and thick.