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Fully automatic bulk silicon controlled silicon forming machine

Fully automatic bulk silicon controlled silicon forming machine

发布日期:2017/11/29 5:48:52

  Voltage: 220VAC60Hz/50Hz

  Size: L850 W580 H910MM.

  Weight: 145KG

  Efficiency: 3600PCS/H

  Equipment Description:

  One machine can be equipped with multi - mold, switch control, without manual dismantling.

  Photoelectric induction, segmenter positioning, high stability.

  The combination of photoelectric and electric is stable and efficient.

  Full white motion vibration feed. 100 percent arrangement, polarity.

  Two sets of photoelectric control, the vibration plate and forming complete with send Kegao, let the machine, fully automatic

  The bad rate can be reduced by 1/1000 if the material is no bending, foot or defective.

  Cutting tools and moulds are used in Japanese colostomy for long life. The adjustable foot length is 2-15MM.

  Motor and electrical appliances are all imported brands in Taiwan.

  Can be provided to request investigation.

  The equipment plate of the equipment is high quality, strong and thick.