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Bulk capacitor shears

Bulk capacitor shears

发布日期:2017/11/29 5:49:22

  Voltage: 220VAC60Hz/50Hz

  Size: L360. W300. H350 (unit: MM)

  Weight: 35kg

  Efficiency: 3500-4000PCS/H

  Equipment Description:

  Suitable for bulk, tube loading radial part cutting operation

  Using the plane vibration feeding mode, the material is smooth and smooth, and the size parts can be applied.

  Special cutting method, cutting tools used in Japan imported steel, long life, easy adjustment, easy maintenance.

  It is small in volume, simple in operation and easy to maintain.

  The precision of the cutting foot is high and the shortest can be cut to 3MM (shorter is required).

  The controller adopts the imported electronic components in Japan, which has long life and smooth feeding.

  The motor is the import brand of Taiwan port.

  Additional counter (product) can be added according to customer's request

  The equipment of the equipment is made of high quality steel. It is strong and thick.